This season, Ross has been busy writing and delivering a series of sermons on the local radio station, which broadcasts the sermons throughout Makondeland on Saturdays at 4:45pm (9:45 am your time, if you want to pray).  The sermons follow up on and complement the series of Bible readings that we built to lead groups of people from Creation to Christ.


The radio sermons have been a great tool for creating interest in the Torah and the prophets. We are trying to form groups of interested people to listen together through these sermons. Such groups we see forming in three villages.  He is currently on the fifth (40 min) sermon so far; please pray that he would be able to continue in strength of body, mind, and spirit to finish the task!  Also, please pray that many people of peace would surface through this radio ministry to bring openings in their villages for the Gospel.


Heather and Adelaide continue as ministers of domestic life and helpers to Ross.  We enjoyed a long stay from Heather’s Mom in June, which included a quick trip to Zanzibar for fun.  Heather enjoys the many heavy responsibilities and duties associated with her role as official team party planer; is taking a course on carpentry from the local community college, and continues the adventure of cooking.  Like normal, she continues in her commitment to our friends, neighbors, the team kids, our house worker, her writing, and hosting visitors.  We have also decided as a family that we would like to move, so please pray that God will provide the resources for our new house renovations.


Please pray for our protection and strength as our family moves out into the community in a more public avenue of ministry.  Also, please pray that God would reveal himself through Jesus in dreams and miracles to our friends.



This is a picture of our new house!  Isn’t it lovely??