I have become good friends with an old man named A. He cherishes our friendship so much that he actually went to the witchdoctor to bewitch me to magically influence me to stay in Tanzania.  I learned about this the other day when A was explaining to me how bewitchment is done. He gave me his own example, “You go the witchdoctor, give him $40 and tell him, ‘Bewitch my white friend to stay in Tanzania, so that he never returns to America.'” I said,

“A, is this story true?” “Yes, it is; I bewitched you, but last December after I bewitched you, you immediately went home to bury your grandfather.” A realized his bewitchment was unsuccessful and he admitted, “Bewitching is sinful; we should not do it.”  I said, “I agree, but bewitching doesn’t work on a follower of the Messiah.”

And that is how my friend bewitched me.