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One of our visitors this month, Brooklyn Sim, painted this wonderful mural on our wall. The mural helps us simulate the Gospel to people who pass through our home. The mural is God’s covenants with the world minus Moses. No Moses because that covenant on Sinai was Israelite specific whereas the other covenants were the means by which God brought salvation to all nations.

It is new news to Muslims that God brought salvation to the all the world through the Messiah who sits on the throne of David. This King receives all authority in heaven and on earth to bring the blessing of Abraham (Gen 12:1-3) to all families of the earth. It is Psalms 2, 72, and 89 that connect the King of David with blessing of Abraham and the promise of world wide reign. Jesus, whom they call the Messiah, is promised by Gabriel (alehi salam) to rule on David’s chair. A kingdom reign that will have no end. Swahili: “Ufalme wake utakuwa hauna mwisho.” This promise is actually stated to Jesus’ mother before his birth in Luke 1.

Jesus uses the language of covenant when he institutes the holy communion in his flesh. “This is the covenant in my blood.”

Noah is there in the mural because his is another covenant God makes with “all flesh,” a covenant that is still in act today. The created order is saved and sustained by one man’s righteousness and God’s grace toward him. All other eternal covenants are built on top this covenant. It is also an example of others to follow. The example is that God makes covenants on top of altars, that is, he uses blood to establish them. When Noah built an altar, then God covenanted. Likewise Jesus’ blood establishes his covenant. That is why the Hebrew for making a covenant is actually better translated literally: “to cut a covenant.” God cuts covenants in blood he doesn’t “make them.”

Tomorrow Heather and I go to live in the village on a mountain for one month. We rented a mud house up there. Please pray for our Makonde language learning and also those there who want to read the Word with us.