Our favorite street in Mtwara--the one where we live!

Below we have shared what our life and calling was like during the month of October because we want you to feel like you are a part of our work and know about the routine activities of our every day.  We feel so blessed to be servants to the people of our region; they are teaching us much about life, culture, and relationships.  We love our jobs and think that we do some of the most exciting work in the world!

For Ross:         

Ross loves to take friends out to lunch several times weekly. His lunch guests teach him about their culture, language, and religion.

Daily prayer with Heather and Bible reading

Daily translation exercises (worked on Romans in Kiswahili)

Readings from the Quar’an and taking notes

Daily word log review and memorization

Daily porch time, visiting w/ neighbors during day

Evening coffee time w/ old men in market

Spending the day with a friend and his family Oct 4th

Traveled to Z. village by bike to visit a friend’s family Oct 18th

Hosted an older gentleman for dinner October 18th

Took a friend and his family to get his children treated for malaria Oct 5th

Took several friends to lunch for language practice

Spent time studying with language tutor

Continued to have maize flour available for poor on the street

Attended guy accountability times

Skyped with Lexington church Oct 16th, lead communion

Emailed supporters

Managed workers working on house

Made rounds to say ‘goodbye’ to friends before month in South Africa

For Heather:

In October, I enjoyed completing "nesting" projects in preparation for the baby.

Hosted a friend for dinner Oct 4th

Got nursing license from Faith Logistics in Dar, now officially licensed!

Had breakfast conversation with Mariam Oct 6th

Hosted a young couple for pizza dinner Oct 6th

Attended girl accountability times

Took care of administrative mission-related work such as blog, work fund, etc.

Studied with language tutor

Looking forward to November (our month in South Africa where we will await the birth of our daughter):

While in South Africa for the month of November, we will continue language study with emphasis in vocabulary memorization and grammar mastery.  Ross will read anthropological research on the Makonde that we have gathered throughout the last few years.  Ross will also write a series of sermons in Kiswahili on the prophets to share with un-reached Muslim audiences in the future.  Also, he will finish reading through the Qur’an and taking notes.

Heather will mostly ‘take it easy’ before the birth but also intends to finish her Kiswahili grammar book and support Ross though taking care of mission-related administrative tasks.  Of course, we will also spend time preparing for the birth of our daughter by finding a suitable medical provider and living situation and caring for her after the birth.  We will also spend some time on legal tasks such as procuring the baby’s birth certificate and official US passport after she is born.  Our prayer is to return to Mtwara as soon as possible.