For our supporters and friends, we have posted an action plan below to let you know what we will be up to in the next year.  See the previous post for a review in pictures and words of last year (our first year) in Tanzania.

Focus on language exposure hours with an emphasis in conversation and interaction until we leave for South Africa at the end of October.

While in South Africa, continue with daily Bible readings in Kiswahili, focus on vocabulary development through memorization, etc., continue grammar study (Heather), focus on reading and mastering all anthropological materials we have collected regarding the Makonde, make phone calls to friends back home to stay engaged in language. Ross will write out some Swahili sermons geared towards this Muslim audience.


Proceed with Kimakonde language learning at the first of the year, this will involve village stays, etc.

Begin anthropological research of the Makonde.  The team has assigned us religion and medicine anthropological categories.  We will research in the villages and later report to the team about our findings.  This research will dovetail nicely with Kimakonde language learning.

Participate in an important Tanzania wide retreat in the spring to help CoC become more organized in Tanzania.  This will include a team visit to our African-side supporting church, Langi Church, in Mwanza.

Help the team become more established in our region of Tanzania as a viable church presence that has credibility with locals and officials.  This involves implementing acts of service in the community in our areas of expertise.

By October 1, 2012, we both will be at a level 3 (defined by our language textbook) in Kiswahili and a level 2 in Kimakonde in order to be ready to launch into Phase II, the ministry stage, of the mission. By this time, we would like to be established enough in certain villages as to begin disciple making.