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Heather is about 18 weeks into the pregnancy and feeling great (praise God!).  At the last checkup the baby was healthy and well—we got to see the valves of it’s tiny heart pumping, the cerebellum, a thigh bone, and little hands which were held up to it’s face.  All miracles.

We are finalizing plans with the missions committee, mentors, etc. before we make our final decision of where to have the baby.  Please continue to pray that God would give us “wisdom from above” (like He says He will give to those who ask–James) while we are making big decisions.

These verses from Psalms 78 today, a word from the Lord that resonates with us as we prepare for the birth of our child:

We will tell the generation to come

of your glorious deeds, O God—

Your power and the wonders

you have done.

…So the next generation would know—

even the children yet to be born—

and they in turn would tell their children

that they should put their trust in God

and not forget your deeds

but keep your commands.

Ross now out at the market, drinking evening coffee with the Muslim men who gather nightly at a certain spot.  Ross goes to drink evening coffee with these men regularly for language practice and to connect.  Last time he went they gave Ross the title of “esteemed teacher” in Arabic.

Heather continues with language lessons most mornings which consist of reading a story out of a children’s Kiswahili Bible with her teacher, Veronica, and combing through it for new words and phrases Heather doesn’t know (there are many).  Ross likes to study with the tutor by reading out of his Kiswahili New Testament.  We also do exercises from a Kiswahili grammar book every weekday.

After dinner, we like to watch one of the DVD lessons from a training series called “Farming God’s Way.”  These lessons are very practical for the agrarian culture we live in here in Africa and are written by a South African man named Grand Dryden.  Check it out at