Eight days in Haiti.  Two pairs of scrubs, a stethoscope, two skirts, four t-shirts, a water bottle, sunscreen, new Patagonia trail shoes, a shade hat, sunglasses, and 5 days worth of food.  In one hour, I will leave for Little Rock to meet with a group of people (mostly medical sorts) who will be going to Haiti on a trip organized by Dr Smith.  Hopefully, we will serve some people there through meeting medical needs in the name and in the spirit of Jesus Christ.  Our group will fly into Miami tonight, and in the small hours of the morning, we will fly into Haiti via Port-au-Prince.  From there, we plan to load into vans and drive to Gonaives to the Haitian Christian Development Project (a development farm) the first place where we will set up clinic.  Please pray that God would give us the strength and wisdom to serve alongside the church in Gonaives to reach out to the community there.  May the living Christ be alive in our group and to the people that we meet in Gonaives.  May people, including ourselves, with broken bodies and broken spirits be touched and healed by the Great Healer.