The team enjoyed having Albert Lemmons spend three days with us last week.  He talked about prayer, faith,  and the nature of man.  He is a wonderful teacher and we are so blessed that he offered us this gift.


I went up to Newport, AR to see one of Albert’s friends who is a minister.  The man in Newport, Tom Bumpous,  runs a shelter for the distressed; there are five halfway houses and an orphanage–and one huge store house full of food and supplies for the poor. This ministry is all based on faith and donations–there is no budget.   This little church is bringing healing to more people, housing more orphans, and renovating more houses in their broken neighborhood than all of Searcy’s Churches of Christ combined.  And by the way, the minister is an uneducated, ex-felon.  Albert says that Tim Bumpous is more like George Mueller than anyone he has met. Praise God!

Tom’s website: