Ross and Heather 2008, 3 yrs Married

Heather and I (and the Makonde team)  just finished a long weekend doing intensive interviews and counseling with an organization called Missions Rescource Network (MRN).  This weekend is designed to help the team understand themselves and to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.   We thought it would be like pledge week but it ended up being a very positive and encouraging weekend.  Three couples from church helped MRN during this proces: Garners, Shipmans, and Bakers.  These couples were very helpful by asking us questions and listening ALL weekend.  We were tired of talking about ourselves, but they must have been tired of listening.  One seven hour day and two fourteen hour days.

The team feels more confirmed that God has brought us together for his purposes.  We are more healthy than I thought.

Ross D K